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Two hippo ornaments in red, with black spots

Passionate about African glassware and gifts

Travel Spirit! specialises in bringing beautiful, handcrafted African gifts and trinkets to the UK. See what we're all about, and place an order with us today.

Woman at a nature reserve watching an elephant

Hear from our owner and founder

"Hi, my name is Angela, and I set up Travel Spirit! to showcase the best that Africa has to offer.

I spent many years working as a Youth and Community Worker in the UK. In 2007, I decided to go to Kenya for 4 weeks, to take part in a volunteer programme at a Youth Counselling Centre in Mombasa. Over the course of less than a week, I went from being in ‘culture shock’ to realising that Kenya had to be a part of my life forever!

In 2013 I went to Kenya to work as a travel consultant, and eventually moved on to creating bespoke safaris. This all changed when the pandemic hit in 2020. My life changed drastically, but I was most upset by what happened to artists in Africa, who basically lost their livelihoods overnight.

I decided to do something about that, and set up Travel Spirit! Through the business I showcase a range of amazing items, from soapstone figurines and Maasai blankets to wirework animals, Kanga and Kikois.

We all deserve to be treated with dignity, equality and respect. These are the values that underpin my business and personal philosophy."

Row of colourful animal ornaments
Bright orange plates and bowls
Colourful African pattern belt

Every item is unique

Each piece that we sell is handmade, ensuring that every customer can enjoy an authentic item with its own unique history.

Fair Trade products

We're committed to ethical trading, and ensure that the craftspeople we work with are fairly paid and treated. We work with a number of community outreach groups in Africa.

Here to help

If you need any help with an order you've made, or want our advice, our friendly team is always happy to assist.

Savanna in bloom, in Tanzania, Africa

Order unique items online, or get in touch

From African glassware to Zulu baskets, order from us today, or give us a call on 07894 444390.

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